How to take photos for your Mighway Listing

Written by Rachel Simpson

Preparing your vehicle for listing with Mighway really couldn’t be simpler. But before you go filling in all the blanks and checking all the data, it’s important to take some quality photographs of your vehicle for prospective travelers to view.

Quality photography is important because it helps visitors to know what they’re getting themselves into. Rather than an explanation, like “the dining area turns into a double bed”, visual representation of this transformation gives your renters a better idea of what they’re in for when they rent your vehicle.

Here are some tips for getting the best photos for your Mighway listing:

Snap the bed(s)

Since your vehicle provides a convenient home away from home, show renters what yours has to offer. Give a glimpse at the headspace around the main bed and show off the built-in bunks. If your vehicle has a convertible dining area, be sure to snap pictures of before, with the dining area setup, and after, transformed into a sleeping space

Kitchen closeup

Whether you have a chef’s traveling kitchen on wheels or a simple space for breakfast prep, let visitors take a short tour of the kitchen. Take a few photos of the range, sink, and microwave, plus show some of the ways that things tuck away while traveling.

Storage options

Give your renters plenty of lead time to know your storage situation and how to pack for it. What spaces are available to them? Do you have ample kitchen cabinets? Are there onboard items that take up a certain percentage of the storage areas? Think about the details you might like to know if you were renting a vehicle of your own.

Added bonuses

If you’ve got a water closet that transforms into a shower stall or a hidden room divider, include some pictures of how that works. This’ll give renters an opportunity to understand better how the space works during travel and camping, and give your vehicle an advantage when it comes to bookings.

Outdoor setup

Don’t forget to get pictures of your vehicle’s exterior! Not only should you include some shots of the vehicle’s appearance, but open up all the canopies and slide outs to let renters know what’s available. Make a nice setup, including the picnic table, steps, and anything else you might have to show renters what their relaxing evenings on the road can look like.


Look at other listings

If you’re not sure what pictures to take, or how to take them, have a look at some other listings. Think about what they’ve done well, and what they might be missing. For some good examples of photos, have a look at Brent’s Fuso Camper listing, and Grant and Julie’s Bayside listing.

And if you still need help, contact the team at Mighway for guidance. Use the chat feature on the Mighway website, message us on Facebook, or email us at our Support Desk.

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