Get Better Guest Reviews | Your RV Listing

Written by Rachel Simpson

Guest reviews are one of the biggest factors for future guests deciding which vehicle they will rent, so ensuring you get good reviews is important to achieve future bookings. When a guest completes a booking with you, we will send them an email to review your RV listing. Once they complete this, their review will be published on your listing and shown on our listing search page. Listings that have a review will feature an overall star rating of 1-5 stars, given by their Guest.

A star rating of 1-5 stars will also be given to the following areas:

  1. Pickup & Drop-off Experience 
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Overall Experience
  4. Accuracy 

While we have had a great number of 5 Star reviews from guests, we have also received some 4 star – 1 star reviews. So, to help you maintain a high review rating, we strongly recommend that you log in to the Mighway owners portal to update your listing description and images to reflect what your guest will expect when they meet you for pick-up in person. Please follow the areas below as a guideline to provide an honest listing and positive experience that meets their expectations online and in person.

  1. Pickup & Drop-off Process: To manage an easy pick-up and drop off process, download Mighway’s RV Rental Inspection App, available on both Android and Apple devices. Using the App is crucial as it ensures a consistent and professional experience for our Guests and improves efficiency for our Customer Experience team. This Rental Inspection App will take you through all the processes that need to be completed and is mandatory for any insurance claim. Click here to read more.
  2. Cleanliness: Ensure your vehicle images are up to date to set appropriate expectations, and your vehicle is clean and tidy on pickup day. It is critical that linen and towels provided by you are freshly washed.
  3. Overall Experience: Providing some milk, tea and coffee, or sharing personal travel and motorhome tips can add to any guests’ experience and make them feel truly welcome. It’s the little things that can make a big difference!
  4. Accuracy: Make sure the images and details on your listing are accurate so that Guests know exactly what to expect. Having plenty of good photos and well-explained information can make Guests feel more confident about booking your vehicle. Showing them exactly what they’re renting means there will be no surprises on pick-up day! Click here to learn how to take photos for your listing.

We hope this you find this information useful to help elevate your listing and your Guest’s experience, while also securing a positive 5 star review. Remember, the more positive reviews your vehicle has, the more likely it is that future Guests will book your vehicle. It’s as simple as that!

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