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Hiking in Taranaki | Top 10 Taranaki Hikes

Written by Rachel Simpson

Whether you’re a keen hiker, or just after a scenic day walk, hiking in Taranaki should be at the top of your list for your next trip. The region offers a tremendous amount of hiking options from mountain to beaches! Here is our list of some of the best things to see and do in Taranaki – the top 10 Taranaki Hikes!

1. Hike the Poukaki Circuit

Take in the sights on a multi-day hike that surrounds the tremendous Taranaki volcano. You will have the opportunity to hike through forests, alpine planes as well as breathtaking waterfalls and vibrant swampy areas.

Location: Egmont National Park

2. Dawson Falls

While you are at the National Park it would be a mistake not to make a point to take in the full beauty of Dawson Falls. This 18-meter high waterfall is one of the most impressive sites you will have the opportunity to take in on your trip. This is a Must-See location.

Location: Egmont National Park

3. Summit Mt Taranaki

After making the circuit and taking in all that the base of the volcano has to offer, consider making the ascent to the summit. On your journey up the volcano, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views while traversing the epic volcanic landscape.

Location: Egmont National Park


4. Travel Through Time in the Goblin Forest

Take in the whimsical beauty of this creepy forest. As you walk these paths you will feel as if you have been whisked away to a fairytale. This beautiful walk is an experience unlike anything else in the entirety of New Zealand, and is one of the best walks you’ll find when hiking in Taranaki.

Location: Egmont National Park

5. Te Rewa Bridge’s

Spanning across the Waiwhakaiho River and strategically placed so that it is line with Mt Taranaki this beautiful bridge was built and designed to frame the distant volcano. After enjoying the picturesque walk, you can take in the seaside sights off each side of the bridge. The breaking surf is spectacular.

Location: Clemow Road, Fitzroy


6. The Three Sisters

Take in this beach walk at low tide and see the Three Sisters. Each of these 25-meter stone pinnacles is a stunning along with the Elephant Rock. The beaches black sand provides a beautiful contrast the blue skies and waves.

Location: Togaporutu

7. Spend the day on the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway

A wonderful way to spend the day is by walking the 11 Km long walkways of New Plymouth. With several beaches and plenty of nearby shopping, you are sure to find plenty to spend your time doing along this spectacular route.

Location: New Plymouth

8. Mount Damper Falls

Mount Damper Falls may only be the second highest falls in New Zealand, but it is not a disappointment at 74 meters high. The trip is an along an easy trail that ends with two viewing platforms to take in the sight of the falls.

Location: Stratford

9. Scale Paritutu Rock

Set between a pair of beaches this volcanic rock stands tall and begs to be climbed to take advantage of the beautiful view it provides. From the top, you get a wonderful view of the Taranaki and New Plymouth Coast.

Location: New Plymouth

10. Cape Egmont Lighthouse

At The westernmost point of Taranaki, you will find a breathtaking photo-worthy view. This lighthouse is flanked by hills and is a must-see attraction. With the volcano in the background, the is hard not to take a moment and take in the incredible beauty that is nature.

Location: Cape Road, Surf Highway 45

Start making your list of must-do walks with our Top 10 Taranaki hikes, and start planning your trip with your very own motorhome, rented directly from a local owner with Mighway! Get ready to let the journey unfold!

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