Making RV Sharing Easier | Renting out your Campervan

Written by Rachel Simpson

A smooth transition from Owner to Guest every time is one of the most important things for when renting out your campervan with Mighway. To simplify your process and ensure that you are able to make every campervan/RV sharing experience a positive one, here are some tips for making your pick-up and drop-off process more efficient:

Inventory Everything in Your Campervan/RV

Unless you strip your vehicle to the bare bones, all of the items go with it when you’re renting out your campervan. Make a list of everything that is being lent out, including any pots, pans, dishes, movies, and anything else that can be taken from the campervan/RV. Having a complete inventory makes it much easier for your Guest to verify everything is put back correctly and neatly before returning the campervan/RV to you.

Set Realistic Expectations for the Amount of Time Pick-up/Drop-off Will Take

Since RV sharing is a private rental of your campervan/RV, everyone needs to acknowledge that renting out your campervan is going to take a little longer than a commercial rental process. The best way to do this is to inform the Guest in advance that they should plan on a little extra time to chat about the rental and responsibilities, and to complete the Pick-up/Drop-off form.

Record Any Damage Before the Handoff

Before you release your RV or campervan to the Guest, do a walk around and note any pre-existing damage with them on our Pick-up/Drop-Off form, either on paper or using the app. This helps everyone feel secure in the borrowing process, and it allows you to verify that new damage has occurred if anything should happen to the campervan or RV while it is in the Guest’s care. Clear pictures are also a good idea.

Do a Walkthrough

Demonstrate the features and amenities for your Guests while you’re completing the Pickup form, including important tasks like emptying the waste tank and simple tasks like adjusting the beds for comfort. It is much better to show your Guest in advance if there are any tricks or things they need to know about your campervan/RV, rather than letting them figure it out for themselves. Experimentation and ignorance are how amenities get broken by accident. If you’ve written your own Guide to your vehicle, go through this too, and leave a copy in the vehicle.

Decide on a Means of Communication

Whether you message via the Mighway chat, email, text, or call, you need to establish a reliable means of communication between you and your Guest. Be sure to monitor this communication channel during their trip in case there are any problems or questions, too.

Don’t Forget Emergency Contacts!

RV Sharing doesn’t mean it’s just you taking care of things: make sure that your Guest knows they have roadside assistance included with their rental as soon as they start driving. It’s a good idea to include our Handy Hints guide, as well as Accident Report Forms and any additional guides in the glovebox or some other compartment of your campervan/RV for quick reference. Make sure to let your Guest know where you’ve put them!

Follow these helpful tips for an easy pick-up and drop-off, and renting out your campervan should be an easy way to make a little extra cash. If you need any additional help or advice for RV sharing, don’t be afraid to get in touch! Email owners@mighway.com, or call (844) 462 9299 in the US, or (09) 887 9756 in NZ.

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