Renting your RV out for Events

Written by Rachel Simpson

Anyone looking to rent out their RV for extra cash needs to be very smart about how they market their rental. If you know of large outdoor events, sporting events, or multi-day festivals in your area, you need to capitalize on these opportunities to rent out your RV for the week. Add-on packages and seasonal rates allow you to maximize your earnings from these events, and provide extras that RV renters simply can’t get from commercial RV rental places.

If you plan your promotions and marketing around these big annual and seasonal events, you can easily offset the costs of owning your RV. To help you develop a smart marketing plan for your private RV rentals, here are some of the types of events that attract the most RV renters throughout the year.

Race Fans and Race Day Rentals

Whether its Formula 1, NASCAR, or other major racing competitions, there is a long history of renting RVs and parking them inside the ring to take in the race in style right beside the track. For many race fans, scoring an RV space center field is almost more prestigious than box seats at any race or automotive competition event. A lot of race fans also follow the tour throughout the season from track to track, so it may be to your advantage to offer discounts on long-term rentals to earn more revenue per customer – just add a note to your listing that says “Long Term Rental Discounts available on request”. Check to see if there is a professional race track near you, and if they offer RV hookups on premises. You may find that you have a tremendous source of local revenue for rentals within a short drive from your home. Adding a small blurb to your listing about taking your RV to races is a great way to make your listing stand out!

Tailgating for Sporting Events

There are thousands of sports fans in the US who flock to the stadium every year just for the tailgating experience. They love to cookout, watch the game via satellite on their portable TV or big screen using a generator. Assume those looking to rent for gameday won’t need hookups onsite, and that they will need a decently powerful electric generator. Create an optional “tailgating package” add-on that includes a portable grill, some hot dogs and hamburgers with buns and condiments, and maybe a cold six pack ready to go, and you are practically guaranteed to start getting rental reservations in no time. Do a little research about sports stadiums and Division 1 colleges in your area to get in on the action and put your RV to work earning money when you aren’t using it. Add a note in your listing description about the Tailgating Package and your listing will really stand out!

National Parks

If your residence is near a national park, this is practically a no brainer. Many people fly into the area and then checkout local vacation rentals to spend time in the natural beauty of the United States’ many national parks. Research the local national park for the best RV camping spots, and check out the best and safest routes for operating an RV, too. Consider creating a guide to your local national parks, including the best views, the best walks and activities, and where you can park up. Mention this guide in your listing description to attract all the outdoor enthusiasts!

Music Festivals

Hopefully, if you live within driving distance of a major music festival, there is are RV hookups onsite or nearby that your renters can use to take advantage of all the amenities. Keep in mind that you may want to raise your cleaning fee and seasonal rate unless you are renting to individuals that you trust, especially given the eccentric nature of numerous music festivals. Burning Man Festival is an event that guarantees your vehicle will come back covered in dust and needing a service, so you can also consider creating a music festival add-on to offset any extra costs incurred. As many private renters are unwilling to rent their RV out for music festivals, adding a note that your vehicle is festival friendly is great way to take advantage of another opportunity to secure a booking.

All in all, renting for major local events is a great way to maximize your rental profits and keep your RV earning year-round. Do you have a big public event near you? Got some ideas that other Mighway owners could use as inspiration? Post your events and thoughts in the comments.

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