5 Tips To Get More Bookings this Easter & School Holidays!

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Written by Rachel Simpson

To help increase your bookings this coming Easter and school holiday period, and open the door to more opportunities throughout the year, follow these 5 easy DIY listing tips with Mighway. You’ll be enjoying some extra income while giving guests a truly memorable holiday experience!

Keep Your Calendar Updated

Make sure you block out your calendar if you want to use your vehicle, or have bookings on another platform. Mighway operates with a real-time calendar system, meaning any dates not blocked out for your own use will be available for guests to book. We recommend unblocking during the Easter and school holiday period to maximise potential earnings. Click here to read more.

Better Optimise Your Listing with Seasonal Pricing

At Mighway, we want to ensure that our owners are prepared to take advantage of all revenue opportunities associated with their vehicles. Increase your booking and earning potential by adjusting your pricing seasonally to stay competitive over the year. Click here to understand more about Mighway’s seasonal pricing.

Ensure You Take Quality Images

It’s important to take plenty of quality photographs of your vehicle for prospective travellers to view. If you haven’t already, check out our guide to creating the ultimate listing to show off all of your vehicle’s best bits! Learn how to take some great listing photos here.

Minimal Effort Bookings with Instant Book

We strongly recommend that you update your listing to an Instant Book Listing. Mighway’s “Instant Book” feature has been a great success for securing more bookings for Owners, as it allows Guests to instantly confirm their travel plans. Click here to login to your listing and update to Instant Book.

Communication is key!

If you can make a Guest feel comfortable that they have all the answers, their experience in you vehicle will be that much better. The sooner you answer your enquiries, the sooner you’ll have a confirmed booking. Don’t let all that extra income slip away! Click here for more owner tips and advice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give our team a call on 09-887-9756 or email us at support@mighway.com. Remember to sign up to our owners’ group on Facebook to get to know our Mighway owner community.

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