Your Guide to Choosing an RV in the USA

Written by Rachel Simpson

A smart RV rental decision begins by picking the right class for your trip; however, if you aren’t familiar with what a Class A, B, or C RV looks like or drives like, this can make the selection process tough for first timers. There are really just two types of RV despite the three class designation: motorized and towable. Everything else is about size and potential amenities. Let’s take a look at the three RV classes and get a general idea of what class is best to rent for your next RV adventure.

Class A

These are the landships of the RV world. Big, tour bus sized homes on wheels that generally come fully loaded with all the comforts of home and then some. Additionally, Class A RVs also have the largest usable living space while driving, making for a more luxurious ride for your passengers.

Depending on their amenities configuration and number of slide out sections, a Class A RV can sleep up to 8 adults comfortably. At 21-45 feet long, they also don’t require a commercial driver’s license or much in the way of special training to operate, either. Class A RVs are definitely best for extended road trips and visits to the lake, national parks, or the ocean for a week or longer.

Class B

In contrast to the behemoth Class As, Class Bs are the smaller mighty marvels of the RV world. They may not sleep as many people (maximum of 4), and they aren’t particularly comfortable to stand up in, but they offer all

the necessary amenities (kitchen, fridge, heating, A/C, generator) for camping in comfort with a few close friends or family. Some Class Bs even come equipped with self-contained toilet amenities and a fresh water tank. They range in length from 17-19 feet, but they handle pretty much like most utility vans, making them easier to park and make grocery runs compared to a Class A.

Class C

A true workhorse of an RV, these offer the most sleeping spaces and amenities without the higher cost and fuel consumption of a Class A RV. In addition to the usual Class A amenities like slide out living spaces, generators, A/C and heat, a toilet, shower and large comfortable

beds, Class Cs also have an over the cab bunk space that provides extra sleeping or storage space for two. Overall, the Class C may be a little more limited on living space if it doesn’t have a slide out section, but it is a solid performer that offers the best overall value for both renters and buyers.


5th wheels, travel trailers, and folding pop-up campers are all considered towables. Of these three, 5th wheels and travel trailers offer the best amenities depending on size and slide out options. Some 5th wheels actually rival Class A RVs depending on their slideouts and included features.

Folding trailers are essentially rolling tents with some amenities like a kitchen and freshwater sink depending on the available options. The major drawback of all three towable class RVs though is you need a vehicle capable of pulling them safely. They are worth checking out if you own a pickup truck or SUV that has the muscle to pull them, but overall, they definitely have significantly limited rental potential.

All in all, when choosing what RV class to rent, definitely consider how many people you need to sleep, what amenities are most important to you, and whether or not you plan on “boondocking” – or parking without RV hookups available. No matter what you choose, if it’s not sufficient for your needs your trip experience is going to suffer. Find the right class for you and your guests and experience the RV lifestyle no matter where your adventures take you.

Once you know what you’re after, it’s easy to find and rent your vehicle with Mighway. Simply filter by Class, find a vehicle that suits your style, and you’re ready to let the journey unfold!

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