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Meet the Team Series: Marketing!

Written by Rachel Simpson

Ever wanted to know a little more about the people bringing you Mighway? Well now you can find out! In this series we’ll introduce you to the people behind Mighway, from what they do to what they love doing. First off: The Marketing Team! This team carefully cultivates our brand, handling all our advertising, social presence, events, website and blog content, partnerships, communications, and much, much more!

Our very cool Marketing Team is made up of:

Jason – Head of Global Marketing
Andrew – Digital Marketing Executive
Rachel – Content Marketing Executive
Tim – Lead Content Producer
Victoria – Pricing Analyst Intern 

Jason has 10 years experience in digital marketing with 7 years in the travel & tourism industry. After spending 3 years within the airline industry at AirNZ’s grabaseat, Jason decided to expand his knowledge by joining mighway. Jason is passionate about travel and is excited to help make motorhome travel more accessible and connect owners with travellers from all over the world.


Andrew has an absolute passion for design and is a recent graduate from AUT, studying a BComm, Majoring in Digital Media. Andrew has joined the team as a Product & Brand designer and will be assisting with the UI/UX aspects of the Mighway platform and is excited to create a better user experience. In his free time, he loves to play games, over-analyse films, and explore nature.


Rachel joined the team in January 2017 after graduating from her BA. She’s tasked with executing our global SEO strategy, and writing all the things. In her spare time, Rachel is often cooking, reading, sewing, utilising superfluously convoluted words from her English major, boring people with random facts from her History major, or binging Netflix originals.


Tim has been working in film and television for ages. He’s played every role from professional bum-double to animation director. He wasn’t uniform enough for the industry, as he dances to the beat of his own drum. But, this suits Mighway perfectly fine. Tim is crafting stories for mighway. If you see him on the road, be sure to go say hi. He is full of bad travel advice.


Victoria joined Mighway in April 2018, and is currently in her final year of her BCom, in Economics and Finance at the University of Auckland. Victoria’s focus is to understand and improve Mighway’s pricing strategies, to provide a competitive advantage. Victoria is an avid dog lover and in her spare time, she takes her dog on little adventures and explores different cafes.

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