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Yuto and Amber’s South Island take over!

Written by Rachel Simpson

Hi guys! We’re Yuto and Amber, and we’re making our way through the South Island over the next 4 weeks! Keep reading to find out more about our first week travelling in a Mighway motorhome!

Day 1 Queenstown

We landed in Queenstown, received the keys to the campervan, and off we went to start our adventure! Day 1 was spent getting Fergburger (world famous in Queenstown!), soaking up the stunning views of the Remarkable’s, and ending the day with dinner and freedom camping by Lake Wakatipu.

Day 2 Queenstown – Glenorchy  – Te Anau
Distance 256km
Time 3 hours 45min

We woke up to a $200 dollar fine for freedom camping – oops! This was a good learning curve for us as first-time campers. We realised we should have done a bit of research where we could and can’t freedom camp in New Zealand. Afterwards, we headed to Glenorchy for breakfast. On the way to Glenorchy, there was a famous lookout point on the road called the 1-million-dollar view. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but we still managed to capture some of the landscape and our surroundings. In Glenorchy, we had a classic chips sandwich for breakfast and got some drone shot of rivers going into Lake Wakatipu. further on, we made our way to Te Anau for the night and stayed at a powered site for the night. It was great to have power to charge everything up and take a hot shower! Remember to always check sites before freedom camping, you can click the link for some guidelines. This will ensure you won’t end up with a hefty fine like us!


Day 3 Te Anau – Bluff – Papatowai
Distance 352km
Time 4 hours 30min

We woke up early to head to the very south of the South Island, Bluff. We went through gore to see the iconic salmon statue then headed all the way down to bluff to go see the sign at the bottom of NZ. After capturing a couple of touristy pictures we headed on the coast roads to head up north. We then stopped by Mclean falls in the Catlins forest park. The walk to the waterfall was an easy 30min to the first spot, which, initially we thought was Mclean falls. We then later found out it wasn’t the main fall so we walked up a little more upstream to be greeted by a much bigger, majestic waterfall, which was absolutely breathtaking. Day 3 was a beautiful day of exploring and soaking in picturesque views, followed by a well-deserved rest at Doc’s Papatowai campsite for the night.

Mc Lean falls:
Height of main fall: 22m
Walk to falls: 20min


Day 4 Papatowai – Nugget Point – Dunedin – Omaru
Distance 281km
Time 4 hours

We woke up early to head up to Nugget Point for sunrise. The weather didn’t look promising for a good sunrise but was still worth it at the end. It was a little too cloudy for our liking, but we still managed to take some shots of the sunrise. We then headed up to Dunedin to pick up a friend then headed straight up North to Omaru. On the way there, we stopped at the iconic Morekai boulders. We arrived at a nice campsite next to the beach in Omaru, which had some penguins nested at the campsite. We didn’t get to see the penguins that night, but could hear them chatting away, which was nice to have a bit of company!


Day 5 Omaru – Benmore
Distance 100km
Time 1 hour 15min

We woke up a little late and found out that we couldn’t quite get the hand breaks working so we went to a mechanic to get it looked at. Turned out we were just not doing it correctly. We headed towards Benmore lake for the night. On the way there we found a very cool dam bridge/road, so we took out our skateboards and took some pictures. It would have been a very nice drone spot, but the drone was sadly not working. At around sunset, we arrived at the Benmore doc campsite right next to the lake. We sat up for the night and for the first time used the awning on the side of the van and had our dinner outside.


Day 6 Benmore – Twizel
Distance 56km
Time 40min

It was nice to have a sleep in for a change, and then after we headed towards Twizel for the day. We stopped at Lake Ruataniwha to have a very late breakfast. The lake had a very distinct turquoise colour and was perfect for a drone footage. It was freezing cold, so we quickly got to a powered campsite to warm ourselves up and power up our laptops and cameras. After the sun had set we went skateboarding in Twizel town to look around, it was a very nice little town!


Lake Ruataniwha


Day 7 Twizel – Dunedin
Distance 252km
Time 3 hours

It was a very misty and cold morning in Twizel, we left the campsite a little late giving us limited time to head back to Dunedin. The roads looked like it had some ice so we took our time to drive in the morning, which was a wise decision. We stopped at the dam bridge/road once again to try a drone shot with the van as I had fixed the drone the night before. We arrived at Dunedin at around sunset and parked our van on a side street and stayed at a friend’s house for the night to charge everything up.

We hoped you enjoyed our first read, you can follow @gomighway on Instagram to keep updated with our live stories and posts. Stay tuned for next week’s write up, and to book your next adventure, visit!

Yuto and Amber

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