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Top 5 Tips for Renovating Your RV Furniture

Rachel Simpson
Written by Rachel Simpson

Getting away from the daily grind for a while is a great way to hit the refresh button for each of us. When it comes to RVing, there’s a lot you can do to make it your home. Likely one of the first changes you will want to make is renovating your furniture. Older RVs were built sturdy inside and out, yet years of use can take a heavy toll on your RV furniture. Replacing dated and worn out furniture can give your RV a whole new lease on life, and you will often end up with more living space after.

We wanted to give you some tips and suggestions to help you renovate the furniture in your RV and turn it into your personal home away from home. The following is collection of our Top 5 renovating tips for your furniture in no particular order

1. Replace The Sofa

It was common in older RV’s to see pull out sofas that could double as beds. Consider replacing your old worn sofa with a lightweight sturdy futon or daybed. Futons can be easily and quickly assembled in your RV with no need of carpentry skills, and offer more storage space underneath. Additionally it will likely come at considerable cost saving compared to having a new foldaway bed built for your RV.

2. New Chairs 

Many furniture stores these days offer a good selection of light weight furniture. Swapping these light weight chairs into your RV will open up the space and at the same time free up precious weight for you to use in other parts of your RV. Many of these styles of furnishings often come with optional footrests that can be slid under the chair for ease of storage.

3. Ditch Your Dinette

If you have an older RV likely your dinette takes up a lot of space available to you. Consider removing your dinette and replacing it with a smaller table and chairs or a rolling table. These choices give you more style and size options as well as looking much nicer and less dated.

4. Install A Folding Wall Desk

Today it is easier than ever to work remotely, and we all enjoy staying connected even while we’re away. A wall desk provides you a way to upload your vacation photos, check your emails comfortably, and get a little extra space to put things when you need, with the added advantage of being able to fold it away when you’re done with it so it’s not in your way.

5. Update your Upholstery

If you don’t wish to swap out your furniture for new pieces, consider updating old or worn upholstery to give it new life. Whether you hate the pattern, or it’s starting to get a bit threadbare, recovering your furniture is a quick and easy way to update your space. There are several videos that can be found online showing you step by step how to do these upgrades, so if you’re not sure where to start, have a look at how other people have handled their renovations. If you’re not confident in your crafting skills, adding some new cushions and draping some blankets over your seats in a complementary colour is an easy way to start.

As you can see, there are lots of DIY solutions to personalise your RV furniture, and keep the interior fresh. Newly renovated are very popular with guests on Mighway, as they show that the owner really loves and looks after their RV. For some inspiration, check out Daniele’s T.ink Adventure, a unique campervan in Auckland, Dan’s 2018 Retro Style Trailer, a head-turning trailer with a fresh interior, or Angel’s Glamper, a light travel trailer for those needing some creature comforts.

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