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Must-Have Accessories for Your RV

Rachel Simpson
Written by Rachel Simpson

You could say that Mighway knows what people want in an RV. After all, we not only help owners find renters for their RVs, we help renters find just what they want and need in their vehicle. We get to hear a lot about what people love about their vehicles and what people really want when they rent an RV.

After a while, we began to notice a trend in what people were responding to, and what owners loved the most about their vehicles. We decided to make a list of the most popular must-have gadgets and accessories available for your RV, and why people love them so much. These range from small, inexpensive items that just make RV life easier, to larger technology based additions that increase the comforts of your rolling home.

For Increasing Enjoyment

Quake Hold

Every RV lover has been there. While you have all you need, an undecorated RV can look a little less than inviting. You’re tempted to put flowers on the table or some decorations on the shelf, but as soon as you start to roll, so do they.

Quake Hold allows you to decorate without the instability. You really can have those flowers on the table, and if you’re ready to redecorate, just twist the item to release the grip and you’re ready for something new. It’s that simple.

Light Blocking Curtains

It’s just one of those things you get used to with an RV. Since most RV’s don’t have independent air conditioning systems, people tend to open windows and use fans on those hot days when you stop. Light blocking curtains not only help you sleep in a little later on those early sunrise mornings while you’re camping, you can close them during the day while you’re out exploring to help reduce the heat that builds up in your camper.

Cell and Wifi Boosters

If you need to make a phone call, or want to relax after a day of hiking with a streamed movie, it can get frustrating without a solid signal. Install these small gadgets and instantly increase your access to phone calls and Wifi. You’ll be able to call home, stream movies seamlessly and play games online with ease when you want to unwind.


Speaking of Wifi, Roku will allow anyone to stream netflix, Hulu, Crackle and other on-demand TV channels. If your RV has a tv, you don’t need a satellite to get the most out of it. So long as you have Wifi and a Roku, you can watch just about anything you’d like.

For Safety

Screen Door Bar

Not only is it a handy place to hang towels after a swim, these bars can help protect your screen door against damage from people pushing against the door itself. Installed on the inside, it becomes the perfect push handle to open the door.

Water Regulator

Real talk here – not all RV camps are made the same, and the water supply at some can be highly pressurized. What happens to your RV when you hook up to a strong water supply? Tube blowouts. Water regulators help prevent this by equalizing pressure as the water comes into your pipes.

Corner Guards

No more painful banged foreheads with these. Just slip them over the corner of your slider and you’re protected from nasty bruises and scrapes.

Camco Wheel Stop

No more moving tires with this device. Simply place it between your tandem tires and you won’t roll while you’re stopped.

Awesome Add-Ons

Solera Screen Room

It’s a little steep in price, but this allows an easy-to-set-up screened room addition from your camper. It’s like having your own patio, right off your RV. The screens maintain your privacy and help keep bugs out, while the silver top reflects heat away.

GSI-Pinnacle Camper Cookset

We love to cook in our campers, but we don’t always have all the space we need when we bring along standard pots and pans. This cookware set allows you enough space to cook multiple meals, and when you’re done, the non-stick, anodized aluminum pots fit perfectly into one another to make storage simple.

Portable Grill

A small portable propane grill, like the Weber one linked, is a great thing to include in your camping supply. You’ll be able to cook an entire meal without heating the inside of your camper, and they’re small enough to easily pack away when not in use. Using propane as fuel takes away the concern of hot coals in storage.

Extend-a-line Clothes Dryer

This little gadget makes drying an entire load of clothes quick and easy. Snap it to the frame of your RV, spread the radial arms, and hang all your towels, bathing suits and more to dry in the sun and the breeze.

The Basics

No RV should ever be taken out before being stocked with basic safety instruments. A fire extinguisher, a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, an emergency roadside kit and a first-aid kit are always essential.

We hope this gives you some inspiration to re-think your standard camping gear, and to think about what you would really want when undertaking your own RV trip. When you’re ready, don’t forget to check Mighway to see what amazing RV’s are available in your area for rental, or list your RV so it can collect cash, not dust, when you’re not using it.

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  • My extended family my moms side of the family and my brother and sister all go camping in a camper we can’t afford an actual rv although they look like a lot of fun. We each use our campers several times a year mostly in the summer and a time or two in the spring and fall. We love the time it gives us to just take time out of life and enjoy the togetherness. Even if it is a lot of closeness.