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The Top Four Motorhome Apps While on the Road

Written by Kimberly

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you finally pick up your campervan hire in New Zealand and hit the open road. A little bit of time away from it all and being back in nature is just what the doctor ordered. So, to help you plan your dream trip, here are caravan gadgets for your journey.


When it comes to navigation apps, most people immediately go for Google Maps. That’s cool and all, but if you’re looking for something that can do a bit more, try Waze. This app does everything Google can do, but that’s just the start. Waze analyses real-time traffic and suggests alternate routes to help you avoid problems. It also lets users send in information, including things like road hazards and police. Waze then warns you about those upcoming events so you’ll be aware and alert.


Waze is great for on the road, but before you head out, give Roadtrippers a try. Simply put, this app is one of the best caravan gadgets to help you plan an amazing trip. Put in your start and end points and then let Roadtrippers search the route. Based on a radius you specify — 50 km, for example — Roadtrippers will tell you anything and everything within that distance that might be worth seeing.. Roadtrippers will suggest things from the must-do to the truly bizarre, helping you get the most out of your time on the road.


You’ve got a caravan hire in New Zealand, so you must be planning to camp. But where? Campable is an app specifically devoted to giving you information on the best places to park your caravan. Sure, campgrounds and motorhome parks make the list, but so do unexpected surprises like private residences. You can always know where to stay next with Campable!

Star Chart

If you’re in the country at night, looking up is like gazing into the heavens. New Zealand has some of the best night-sky viewing in the world, and Star Chart is an app that lets you take advantage of that. Bring up star charts in real time, or point your phone at the sky and let the app tell you what you’re looking at.

The next time you’re out on the road with your campervan hire in New Zealand, bring the best that technology has to offer right on your smartphone with these handy apps!

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