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What to do at Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand

Written by Kimberly

If you’re planning a vacation overseas, and you love nature, then New Zealand is a great place to start. New Zealand is home to a handful of exotic volcanoes, both snowy and scorching! But if you only had to choose one to visit, we strongly recommend Mount Ruapehu, a part of Tongariro National Park. Mount Ruapehu is a great place to go to visit any time of year, especially if you hire a motorhome in the North Island, New Zealand. Read about what you can do at Mount Ruapehu and in the area.

Forgotten World Adventures

Located in Taumarunui, Forgotten World Adventures is a tour of New Zealand’s deep valley area known as the “Forgotten World.” Ride in a cart along a decommissioned railway and check out rural New Zealand in all its glory. You can either tour for one day, two days, or even a half-day; whichever you prefer!

Whakapapa Ski Area

Here’s a place we suggest to everyone! For gorgeous peaks and trails of all skill levels, Whakapapa is possibly the best ski resort in the Oceanic region. Rent or bring a pair of skis and ride down Happy Valley’s buttery smooth slopes. Other activities include snowboarding, sledding, ski lessons, ski lifts, and the brand-new Sky Waka; the biggest gondola in the country! Hire a motorhome in New Zealand’s North Island so you can stay near Whakapapa all week long!

Kakahi Glow Worm Caves

Visit this lovely glow worm cave to wrap up a fun-filled day around Ruapehu! This network of tunnels was man-made for a railway line that was never built, so it is now home to a fascinating tour of endless glow worms. This tour is 100 meters long and is completely free for everyone! By hiring a motorhome you can explore New Zealand’s natural wonders like Kakahi’s glow worm caves!

Pureora Forest Park

If an old-fashioned safari or trail is your cup of tea, one place to consider is Pureora Forest on the other side of Lake Taupo. Choose one of many walking trails that lead you to gorgeous landscapes around the park. Or if you have the need for speed, go on the Timber Trail with a mountain bike and enjoy a faster trail for less time, featuring multiple suspension bridges for additional sights. Whether on two wheels or your own two feet, Pureora Forest offers a New Zealand twist to your traditional park.

There is plenty to do at Mount Ruapehu or in the general area. Don’t limit yourself. Hiring a motorhome in the North Island of New Zealand will allow to explore everything this beautiful destination has to offer.

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