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New Zealand: The Dream Surf Destination

Written by Kimberly

So you’re looking to travel and check out some international surfing? You need to visit New Zealand. Not only are the people friendly and the surf breaks world-class, but it’s surprisingly easy to make a surfing road trip tour when you hire a campervan. Here are some of the best places to surf in New Zealand:

Shipwreck Bay/Ahipara

On the southern end of Ninety Mile Beach lies the little town of Kaitaia. This is the first must-visit destination for surfing in New Zealand, and if the wave conditions are subpar you can always take advantage of the excellent surf fishing. Not only is the surfing in Shipwreck Bay mind-blowing, but it’s one of those places in New Zealand that’s great for keeping the blood pressure down and kicking back in your chair on the sand enjoying the seaside.

Castle Point

If you are looking to ride some barrels, Castle Point is the place to go. Swells pass through an inlet before breaking on the beach, and perfect A-frame waves with long walls are par for the course here. Best of all, it’s sheltered from the wind coming off the sea, so waves stay smooth even with heavy swells. There’s also plenty of shellfish and other seafood ripe for the taking all on the exposed reef and along the sandy shores, too.

The Catlins/Fiordland

If you don’t mind a bit of a hike to the descent spots and a wilder surfing experience, you need to check out The Catlins and Fiordland. There is a daily wealth of six-footers for those willing to travel off the beaten path, and the beaches are remote and largely devoid of civilization. This is in our eyes one of the best places to surf in New Zealand. Here you can experience surfing in the wilds on the southernmost edge of the world.


Considered the surfer’s pilgrimage destination in New Zealand, Kaikoura is home to Kekerengu, Blue Ruck, Oaro, Iron Gate, Meatworks and Okiwi Bay. The waves can be less consistent here, but if you prefer right-hand breaks and three to four foot waves this is your choice destination.

If you love to surf and want to try a place that’s unique to all other surfing destinations worldwide, come down to New Zealand and hire a campervan. You can take your time winding your way between beaches and catching monster waves. Best of all, if the weather isn’t cooperating, there are plenty of other things to do while you wait for better weather. Plan your next surfing trip to New Zealand, and make sure you travel by motorhome to minimise costs and set your own timetable. You will be glad you did.

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