Your DIY Guide: Create the Ultimate Listing

Pictures tell most of the story, but the listing description fills in the gaps and provides the details every guest needs. You need to make sure you give Guests everything they need to know, without overwhelming them with information.

Ensure that your listing’s photos, details, and general description will accurately reflect the vehicle that guests will physically experience. To make things easy, we’ve put together a simple step by step guide on how to create the ultimate Mighway listing!

Part 1: Personality is Key

  • Personality and creativity is key, along with a catchy title! A more attention grabbing title will allow a higher click-through rate from the search results.
  • Though you may want to show off how special your motorhome is, resist the temptation to oversell or exaggerate. Highlight the quirks and things guests might find surprising.
  • You’ll help set guests expectations, and potentially earn better reviews for accuracy. If you interact with guests, your personality and personal style are as important as the physical details. So it follows that the most important ingredient of a good listing is you, the owner. Be real, and let your personality shine through.

Part 2: Overview/About This Listing

  • Write how you talk: You don’t have to be a great writer to create a warm, inviting description. Conversational language is fine (but remember to be concise and not ramble)! A good exercise is to actually sit down with a friend and describe (out loud) what it’s like to stay in your vehicle.
  • What comes to mind immediately? What gets you excited or draws a reaction from your friend? Use these cues when writing your description. For your title, think of this like a newspaper headline. Use this to grab attention immediately. What would grab your attention? Use descriptive words that correspond to your vehicle, have fun and be creative! If your vehicle already has a name eg. Daisy the Van, use this!
  • Summary: Write a short, yet powerful summary of your vehicle. Include the 2-3 major selling points of your place. Think about your target audience and what’s important to them. Is proximity to destinations, awesome amenities or a funny joke important to them? Try to write at least 200 words about the vehicle. Guests gravitate to listings with a personality so don’t be afraid to put some of yourself in it.
  • The Space: Give guests a detailed description of your vehicle and let them know what makes your listing unique. Take time to describe the style, age, condition, noises, and how things operate in your motorhome space. What’s normal or subconscious to you might not be normal to guests. Also, let guests know how many people it will fit. Lastly, make sure they understand the little luxuries (eg. complimentary tea and coffee) to tiny tribulations (eg. low water pressure).
  • Interaction with Guests: Every guest wants to know that someone is able to help them if they have questions, just like a hotel. In this section let them know how much you will interact with you guests at pick up and drop off. Think about, if you would make a mid rental call, or do you want to have Guests contact you if something happens? Lastly, list all of the ways they will be able to get ahold of you once they book (email, phone, etc…)
  • The Area and Surrounding Regions: A great way of keeping your guests informed and excited about their holiday is to let them know about local coffee shops and your favourite “MUST SEE” places. Remember to tell people how close regional destinations are and how much time to allow getting to and from. If you have any campsites or freedom camping spots you can recommend, guests will be eager to know and it will make their life a whole lot easier.
  • Motorhome Rules: These can go in the House Rules section. Let guests know what standards of conduct you expect from them. Do you allow pets? What condition does the van need to be upon drop off? What are your expectations in leaving the vehicle in a tidy condition? (Throw rubbish out, wash dishes etc).

Part 3: Professional and Quality Photos

  • This is arguably the MOST important part of any great Mighway listing. It is the main determining factor of whether your listing will get click-throughs from search results and it is the first (and often the last thing) a guest will look at on your actual listing. After all, would you rent a vehicle if you couldn’t see enough photos?
  • Be sure to add lots of quality photos that reflect what your vehicle would really look like in person. Always add in homely items that can really lift the appearance of your vehicle. A few pillows, a patterned rug, a colourful duvet cover or throw can help to easily achieve this. You can get a few bits and pieces for next to nothing, at Kmart and can amplify the interior of your motorhome!
  • Check out our guide to taking great photos for your listing if you need some more ideas!

Part 5: Review Your Pricing

  • Don’t leave money on the table by pricing too low but you’re almost guaranteed to have no bookings if you’re priced too high relative to competitors in the market. Do your research and scope out the listings of other comparable motorhomes to narrow the range of acceptable prices for your vehicle.
  • Start at the higher end of the range when the date is further out and incrementally drop your price as the date gets closer. Set competitive prices and make sure your price is set to reflect changing demand: it fluctuates throughout the week and the year. Our Mighway Seasonal Pricing Guide will help your listing stay competitive during the off-season.

Part 6: Great Reviews from Prior Guests

  • Want more bookings? Guests are able to review your listing at the end of a booking, which is featured on Mighway’s Review page.
  • The quantity and quality of reviews from past guests allows future Guests to have more trust in your vehicle based on previous Guest experiences.
  • Remember, always be truthful or else your guests will have unmet expectations – and that leads to bad reviews!

Pro Tips:

  • Let Guests know to download the Mighway App to make the most out of their experience on the road. Available on Android and iOS, they’ll have access to everything they need to enjoy life on the road.
  • Unsure what to recommend for your Guests? Let them know to check out our Blog and our featured destinations categories, like Experience Waitomo or Discover Arthurs Pass, for some great activities and attractions in different areas.
  • Respond quickly to booking requests to show guests that you’ll be an attentive, welcoming Owner.
  • Trade tips with other Owners. A great place for this is our Mighway Owners Facebook Group where you can learn and share ideas and tips from one another.
  • Want to increase the return on your bookings? Make sure you make the most Mighway’s “Add-on” feature by adding extra items for rent with your listing. Some examples are bikes, bike racks, a BBQ set, and airport pick up/drop off service.
  • Last but not least! Don’t be afraid to reach out to our Owners team at Mighway. They are here to make your life easier! Flick them an email or call them on 0800555696 (NZ) or (844) 462 9299 (US) and they’ll be happy to help you.

If you’re keen on ramping up your bookings, follow these easy DIY listing tips with Mighway. Not listed and want to find out more info? Contact us on You’ll be enjoying extra income while you give others an opportunity to enjoy a holiday experience unlike any other!